Saturday, June 6, 2009

Selling products you have

Never mind their plug for a paid workshop. Dont know how it is, but I liked the article. Link and detail below.

It's easier to sell products that don't exist because they can do anything buyers want. Unfortunately, no one makes money selling products you don't have. Here are three ways to get better at selling products you have and grow revenue faster.
  1. Identify the target buyers that benefit most from your current products - as is. Determine the market dynamics most influencing those buyers and communicate how your products help them meet the market-imposed challenges.
  2. Crank up the marketing machine - not with useless marketing fluff but with content that helps your buyers do something better. How-to articles, webinars, white papers and best-practice tips can fill the sales pipeline with low hanging fruit and won't break the marketing budget. Convince your target buyers you understand their business and revenue will come.
  3. Train sales people more on the business of the buyers and less on technical details of the products. Buyers buy the most credible business story, not the best product.
Make it simple for your sales and marketing teams to communicate value.

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