Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Make your point faster

In my re-post series...

Make your point faster and better. Some of the points I liked

1. Articulate ideas in plain language.
The less jargon you use, the more engaging you become. 
Watch those long and cumbersome sentences. 
Don’t spew one idea after another. 
Keep your message lean, low-carb and free of nonessential words. 

2. Hanger words
Use “vocal hangers.” These conversational hooks attract people’s attention by building excitement around what you’re going to say next. Examples include: The secret is… Here's the deal… Let me ask ya this… Here’s the best part… Think of it this way… Yes, and here’s why… Here’s my suggestion… And here’s the difference… The question I always ask myself is… I have one observation and one question — are you ready?

The secret to using vocal hangers is to pause ever so slightly before you deliver the goods. This heightens the level of anticipation and energy into the conversation. What’s more, the more you use them, the more you’ll internalize them. The more you internalize them, the more natural they will sound. The more natural they sound, the more they will become part of your lexicon. The more they become part of your lexicon; the more people will begin to expect them. And the more people begin to expect them, the more they will pay attention when they hear them.

3. Stories trump resumes.
Lesson learned: Facts are retained – stories are retold.Which one are you using to prove your point?

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