Monday, August 11, 2008

GTD advice

I have been a fan of "Getting Things Done" for a while even though I really need to get more disciplined in applying the principles. Just read a few good posts on 43 folders, and thought I would share some highlights I really liked...


Seven things - If you’re too overwhelmed to even think about a big system, try this. Get to work early and make a list of exactly seven things that you can do by the end of the day. Each one should take no more than 30 minutes to complete, but try to make it just 10 or 20. Break one big project into seven little ones or just prioritize your clutter. Do the four you least want to do by 11:00, and I promise the remaining three will topple like fat kids.

Honor thy 2-minute rule - GTD tip. The 2-minute rule is critical going both ways; don’t get so caught up in all your sorting and list making that you overlook the fastest way to actually accomplish something. By the same token, always maintain the focus you need to stay in processing mode when you need to.

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dannielo said...

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