Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The future is not Unlimited?

Interesting - Comcast is now (maybe they have been for a while) tracking my usage, and has a 250GB limit. According to them, I used 8GB in feb, 15 GB in March, and 50GB in April. April was when my parents were visiting and took full advantage of Netflix streaming.

All this just makes me wonder -
- Why do I feel uncomfortable about having my usage limited - even if I am not close to reaching the limit?
    Probably because I fully expect internet usage to really take off as we have more and more devices that are connected and provide useful services over the net. At home, both our phones, our TV, blu-ray player, xbox and of course laptops are already connected to the net...
- How many personal users actually go past the 250GB limit???
     That would be an interesting piece of data. Are there enough of these already that Comcast is forced to do this? Or is this just the ISPs preparing for the future? Which leads me to..
- What on earth happened to "Unlimited"??
     Even the iPad is not coming out with an unlimited plan... I am guessing that people are learning (the wrong?) lessons from the at&t iPhone experience...

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Amit Shetty said...

And the iPhone 4 comes out with no unlimited plans any more! When new apps like facetime are being made available - and other apps like netflix etc are finally being made available over 3G (not just wifi)